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I started this business over 30 years ago after a frustrating year with a large investment firm. There was no personal touch, we were pushed to sell company sponsored investments that made no sense for the client, and the only clients that seemed to count were big ones. I asked myself if this is the way I would want to be treated as a client and the answer was a resounding  "NO." 

- Kevin Friday, President and Owner


         Kevin Friday, owner of Centre for Financial and Retirement Planning, has over 30 years of financial planning experience. Kevin graduated with a finance degree from Miami University and is also a CFP(Certified Financial Planner) and CEBA(Certified Estate and Business Analyst).. Kevin personally meets with each and every client to develop a customized financial plan that will take into account your personal needs, goals and financial desires.

  Jeanne Crater, Office Manager, has been with Kevin over 15 years and takes care of all the little details and extras that separate us from our competitors. Over the years,our concept of planning  has evolved into what I call Financial Engineering. We start by creating a detailed model of a client's current position. We then work to establish clearly defined goals. Next we lay out your future on one page, combining where you are currently with where you want to be. Finally, we strategize all aspects of your financial life to efficiently work towards financial success. We assist you throughout your life by arming you with the alternatives necessary to make the most efficient financial decisions.

Eveyone is happy when Friday comes around!!






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