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Centre for Financial and Retirement Planning Inc.

Everybody's happy when Friday comes around!

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Centre for Financial and Retirement Planning is all about YOU.

We are a locally owned and operated financial services company that prides ourselves in putting our clients first. Our mission is to help you achieve your financial and retirement goals. It's as simple as that. We offer a wide range of services (most of the stuff the big guys do!) and with incredible customer satisfaction.  We guarantee that you will get the same dedicated planning and commitment, whether your financial resources are a lot or a little. We truly take the time to listen to our clients, understand their goals, and focus on solutions that will help them achieve their financial dreams.
What we do for YOU:
Creation and implementation of a long term financial plan based on a thorough needs assessment with each client that will address some or all of the following areas:
  • Retirement & Estate planning


  • Portfolio Management


  • Retirement Plan Management


  • Education resource planning (how can 

              I pay for my kids college?!)


  • Tax and cashflow planning


  • Insurance review (what do I  

              need/when/how much?)


  • Mortgage review (should I refinance/are   there other options out there?)

How we're different:
No shortsighted thinking, get rich quick  or "picking hot stocks" here  - we work on a balanced approach that helps you achieve your goals while managing risk 
We are a fee based financial planner. You pay a small percentage of your total portfolio that is invested with us. What does that mean?? We have eliminated many of the conflicts of interests inherent in the financial service industry.
YOU still aren't sure? Of course you're not. How about the opportunity to meet with us at no charge just to see who we are and what we might be able to do for YOU...?

Centre for Financial & Retirement Planning
Kevin Friday, President
Jeanne Crater, Office Manager
306 N. Cleveland-Massillon Rd.
Akron, OH 44333
330-666-7221  Phone
330-437-3811  Fax